The Best Ever Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solution for Small and Midsize Businesses

Ecommerce shopping cart software is an excellent instrument for building an e-store even for people who are far from being tech savvy. However, one small issue exists that needs to be addressed.


Merchants get confused a lot when trying to choose the right ecommerce shopping cart and pick an appropriate ecommerce shopping cart hosting for their businesses. It happens because there is a significant number of ecommerce shopping cart software programs, and most of them make promises of easy e-store setup while offering comparable characteristics.


So merchants need to go over a substantial amount of info with technical terms to pick the ecommerce shopping cart (and ecommerce shopping cart hosting) which would be best for them. It is an even harder task if you are a newbie in the ecommerce world and are trying to create your first e-store.


If a merchant considers himself a “regular computer user,” and not a “geek”, it gets even more frightening. The thought of creating an e-store which will be selling items making profits would sound somewhat strange for them. Have you ever wondered why?


The thing is that it all looks and sounds “too technical.” However, in reality, building an e-store based on some types of ecommerce shopping cart soft  is a sort of task that can be achieved by “regular guys” like you and me, who want to start their e-shop and trade goods online. Can this be true?


Absolutely. In case you dream of setting up your e-shop and require some pointers on how to pick the best ecommerce shopping cart (and ecommerce shopping cart hosting service), this review will be valuable for you as it will clarify some issues on this topic. It may be useful for those who don't have any experience in building a site, uploading items for sale, setting up ecommerce shopping cart and connecting the e-store to payment gateways. People who are overwhelmed by all this may find some peace of mind after reading the review. Besides, you can discover some useful info regarding ecommerce shopping cart by reading the article “10 Things to Look for in an E-Commerce Solution”.


Merchants realize that they can have two options of building an e-shop: “hosted” ecommerce shopping cart and “self-hosted open source” ecommerce shopping cart. These two alternatives can be equally helpful for building an e-shop. Here is how it goes.


It all depends on a desired degree of customization. Also, you need to take into consideration the array of items uploaded on the site. The last, but not the least you need to realize how much of studies about ecommerce shopping cart software you are eager to have while realizing that it takes a lot of time and efforts.


“Hosted” ecommerce shopping cart software enables merchants to establish an e-shop with no need for technical knowledge whatsoever. It is a type of ecommerce shopping cart software that is good for regular folks who need to concentrate on their work instead of thinking about tech issues of their e-shop.


All you have to do is to follow some steps. First, you need to start researching some info to make a right choice of your ecommerce shopping cart or ecommerce shopping cart hosting. After you find the right one, choose a package appropriate for your company. Then you can sign up, and voila, “you are good to go”.


If you do not have a domain name, it is the right time to register one. You need to be thoughtful here, as it will reflect the essence of your business, which is very important for marketing efforts. Also, it is imperative to have a nice uniform look for your e-store so having a nicely crafted template of your ecommerce shopping cart is quite essential. After that, you can start customizing your shop. You can add items, images, info with “drag and drop” editor.


Then complete customization of your store by setting up payment options and other features of your ecommerce shopping cart (info on how you will ship the products and other data). Take a close look at what you have created and perform some testing to make sure the e-shop operates correctly. It’s easier than you think.  After publishing your site and checking how ecommerce shopping cart of your store works, you can begin your online sales business.


Let us analyze why merchants prefer “hosted” shopping cart options. It is simple. They won’t have to be concerned about ecommerce shopping cart hosting, tech issues and security of their e-store. “Hosted” ecommerce shopping cart software programs provide all the necessary tech characteristics and tools for managing your e-store meaning there is no need in hiring IT help. It is very convenient as the e-store owner or manager can get more done promoting the products and concentrate on marketing and sales.


This kind of “turn-key solutions” do not require extensive programing and you are prepared to start selling instantly. With “hosted” ecommerce shopping cart solutions you do not have to worry about ecommerce shopping cart hosting and other important aspects of integrating with a third-party software or configuring payment processing system. All this is done for you so that you can start running your e-store in no time. If by any chance you run into a technical problem while setting up your account at hosted ecommerce shopping cart, they provide client support to help.


Here is the thing. You can create your e-store without writing a single line of code for it. The code in “hosted” ecommerce shopping cart solutions is hidden behind an easy-to-use interface. You can put in pictures, text, start uploading the goods, connecting the e-shop with a payment gateway system meaning you have an opportunity to begin generating sales using your ecommerce shopping cart solution almost immediately.


So the bottom line is this. There are some drawbacks of “hosted” ecommerce shopping cart solutions, such as lack of flexibility. Modification of certain functionality options is not as straightforward and needs the help of software developers. But for a beginner user, there are a lot of benefits that make this type of ecommerce shopping cart software an excellent solution.


Only a few days is needed to create your e-shop using “hosted” ecommerce shopping cart solution. All this can be done without learning programming and coding or hiring IT help. There is a quality client support in case you have any issues with your ecommerce shopping cart. And what’s most important, you don’t need to take care of technical aspects like security, hosting and so on.


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