Innovative Dallas Marketing Firm Bezel Marketing stays true to its values

Often, business has found themselves standings at the crossroads of refusing clients. Especially in the initial stages, turning down even a difficult client is considered as a death move. In the world of social media marketing, you absolutely need to learn to tackle all types of situations and even the most difficult customers, even if it means compromising on the business’s own set of values. However, a Dallas-based marketing firm is changing the way things work.

A growing marketing firm, Bezel Marketing has been getting quite the press coverage lately. It's turned down some big name clients due to not offering services that its competitors would normally offer. This is definitely causing a buzz in the industry. The company is still growing, and at a faster rate now even. After speaking to the marketing director, Daniel Ghebrihiwet, on the team of Bezel we learned some key lessons.

"When you're offering a service for businesses, it's essential that you stay true to what you're good at. You may lose potential business but it's respectable. We're not like other marketing firms, we do things differently and that's our edge. Why dilute our values by offering more services, when a job is done at its best, the money will follow."

Perhaps this attitude stems from their global view of marketing. They believe that brands are built over time. Moreover, they place their faith in the idea that a strong campaign will not happen overnight. They scrutinize every marketing situation and invest time in thoroughly understanding their customer’s business and their industry before taking further steps. They believe in truly understanding unique marketing needs of their customers before taking the next step in solving their marketing challenges.

Bezel Marketing is a Dallas, Texas-based marketing firm that was founded in 2016. It's since grown significantly and is representing some pretty big businesses. Bezel Marketing remains a private company and by the looks of it, may become an Inc. 5000 by 2018.

Some of the services they offer include ad management to target social ads and boost audience, visibility, engagement, and traffic, content development (writing custom blog posts and content calendars for social media profiles), perform audits to analyse what is working for their customers and what isn’t, strategic consultancy to guide their customers to build the best strategy for their brand, increasing Google Review counts through smart methods such as customer interactions and network expansion, campaign management, targeting social media growth and social media management for your business. They also offer competitive analysis where they analyze your competitor’s moves and follow their success stories and learn from their mistakes on social media.

Currently, you can avail their audit services free of cost. They also have three comprehensive plans at affordable prices and offer a money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction.