How To Generate $1,000/day Online Using Facebook

With social media marketing booming at a rapid rate, Facebook has seen a sudden growth in businesses shifting online. Making Facebook Ads crucial if you want to generate revenue online! But like all tools, there’s tips and e-commerce hacks that help you achieve your revenue goals much faster.
We had a chance to speak with eCommerce guru Andrew Molz during Social Media Week in Los Angeles. Here are some of the ways Molz detailed in which you can start to generate $1,000/day online using Facebook Ads through social media advertising:

1. Make an appealing Facebook profile 
Your business profile should be appealing to the customers and thus make sure that you have set up the right profile along with a catchy cover photo. The profile that you build should give good insight into your services and for that you need to fill up the about us section clearly and specifically. Your profile should be aesthetically appealing and for that you need to work on the creative aspects such as content, videos, photographs, and graphic designs.

2. Go for public posts 
Make the most out of your Facebook posts and keep them publicly active so that you make them visible to the audiences on a larger scale. Make sure to answer those comments that you receive for posts so that your page remains an interactive resource. Organize contests and giveaway so that people engage more so that you can increase the traffic to your website significantly.

3. Use Facebook messenger for communication 
Use Facebook Messenger for managing the social media conversations that you have with your audience. Try and answer every message that users ask so that they are connected to your brand. The more you reach out to people on this social media platform, the better it will be for your revenue generation and CLTV.

4. Create a group for support and sales team 
Ensure that you create a group for the support and the sales team so that they can discuss strategies that need to be made in order to boost the marketing tactics and support the business. If you are a manager who is looking forward to motivating a team or your industry peers, then form a Facebook Group with all the relevant people in it. When you work with passionate people who are working toward the same goal and support each other every single day, then it makes your work much more diligent in the pursuit of your goals. Thus, it is necessary that once you start with your group, you should post at least a few times per week – it can be anything ranging from videos and pictures, to questions that are relevant to the business.
5. Facebook is essential but you need to move ahead of the virtual communication 
Facebook is meant for connecting you with people virtually but you need to take the steps forward to having face-to-face conversations or at the least, phone calls. Attend events where you can meet more people and expand your contacts. Apart from just answering messages on Facebook, you should also call the potential clients and discuss business strategies with them.
6. Keep meeting new people 
Facebook has the power to reach out to a lot of people and build business relationships with them that can benefit your business in the long run. Moreover, you can also take a closer look at what other people are doing and decide if having a partnership with them would prove to be fruitful or not. Collaborate with the people with whom you can do creative work with and take your brand to it’s next heights of success.