Comprehensive Guide to Shower Enclosures

Want to make sure that you have picked the right shower enclosure out of the many shower enclosures that you can choose from? Not sure that you know your frameless from your quadrant shower?

If this is true for you, then we have put together our comprehensive guide to all things shower cubicles. Why not take a read through and see if it can help you to choose the perfect shower units for your bathroom?

The different types of shower enclosures
You may not realise it, but there are a number of different shower units that you can pick from for your bathroom.
One of the most popular style of shower enclosures that you can choose has to be a quadrant shower enclosure. These are designed to make the most of the space, or lack of, that you have in your bathroom and are ideal for those who want to have enough room to shower, without having to worry about it taking up too much space in your bathroom.

Another choice is the rectangular shower enclosure, these are designed to fit in larger rooms where there is plenty of space, which means that you have lots of space to shower and is ideal for those who have a family, or who simply like the idea of having enough space in their shower to perform an entire dance routine.

You can even choose a shower enclosure that simply fits in a recess space that you have in your bathroom. Allowing you to utilise any awkward cubby holes or recesses that you otherwise simply would not be able to use. Of course, you need to consider the measurements of this space and make sure that it fits perfectly, with room to open the door also if need be.

Which one is right for you?
The only way that you are going to know which one is right for you, is to think about the budget that you have, as well as the space that you have too. Having both of these things in mind is going to help you to narrow down your choices and make sure that you find the ideal option too.

You also need to think about who is going to use your shower, as safety is an important consideration if you are going to need your children or someone who is less stable on their feet to use it. This may mean that you need to keep in mind sliding doors, and also grip rails too.

Hopefully, with our help you are going to be able to find the ideal shower enclosure for your bathroom. Right from the shower trays, the shower doors right up to the enclosure itself. Now you just need to decide who gets to use it first in the mornings.
This guide was produced by Bella Bathrooms