Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

People perceive cooking as the most important activity of the day, they need to make the recipe done for a delicious dish with a good presentation, in addition it is more important to make food at home to provide a healthy life style it's much better than outside food.

One of the last invention for making life more easier is the instapot pressure cooker that has helped lot of people in their daily cooking. Here we are let's make our life a bit more easier by this miraculous device and also presenting some of the best instant pot recipes which consume only a small proportion of your time.

So what is the instant pot:

The instant pot is the number one electric pressure cooker in north America, it has different pre-set cooking that help you make delicious food, it is good for people who do not have time for cooking such as student and people with day jobs, it reduce their cooking time.

The instant pot is one of the requested things that people want to use, to make their preferable recipes. We can see all the benefit of the pressure cooking without any of the risks, there are 7 preprogrammed functions including " soups, poultry, meat/stews, beans/chili, rice, multi grain, congress and steam. Instant pot was designed to offer the easiest of operation and that is why the only variable that you will need to adjust is time, the advanced microprocessor chip in your instant pot will take care of the pressure strength and heat intensity for each function automatically.

A recipe you should try with your instant pot:

Now I'm gonna show you how to make one of the most popular recipes by the pressure cooker in an instant pot which is the crispy potatoes --first make sure to cut your potatoes in the same size put a cup of water into your cooking insert and then you put in steamer insert plop in your potatoes and then lock the lib make sure that the vent is in the sealed position so it can come up to high pressure - then cook it under high pressure for five minutes
and then once the cooking is done you actually let it sit for about 10 minutes so the pressure comes down and naturally because the potatoes will keep cooking while the pressure is coming down

Heat up your cast-iron skillet 1and throw in a little bit of fat and then fry those cooked potatoes till they are nice and crunchy on the outside