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Convert number to words in excel

Number to words, Author

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Convert number to words in excel

Number to words - Convert number to words in excel 

On Excel there are several ways to write a number. It can be considered as a number or as text(a string containing numbers). So how to convert number to words in excel and ensure that a number is counted as a number and name as text for Excel. This is very useful especially if you are working on a file imported from a third-party application and the numbers are not well recognized at first glance by Excel.

Convert number to words in excel

Convert number to words in excel 2007 with a special collage

A very simple way to convert number to words(version 2007 excel converter)is to force an operation to run so that the result is a number, for example, by adding zero. For that:

  1. Copy an empty cell

  2. On the target range to convert Right-click then Special Paste

  3. In the Paste Special menu choose Addition. This will add the zero of the empty cell to each cell in the target range.

  4. Click OK. The entire target range is now considered a number. This works on both cells containing an apostrophe and on cells with a text format.

Other verion of Excel

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