Concrete Countertop Solutions

DIY Concrete Countertops As the Essential Part of Interior Design

Who would like to install a concrete countertop in your home? DIY concrete countertops are unique and individual variant of all existing ones in the market of materials. They are produced in compliance with the character of every client.


So, if you don’t want your budget to suffer, but at the same time get a beautiful countertop, consider concrete as the perfect material for it. All you need to do is to install it and seal properly. If all work is done correctly, then service life of DIY concrete countertops will last almost eternally.


And the best news about DIY concrete countertops is that you can make it yourself, even if you are not very much experienced in it. Of course, DIY may be not your thing; in such case you may search for a local contractor, who is specialized in such countertops.  



DIY concrete countertops are already in demand for about 5-7 years. Gradually, the trend of concrete countertops is gaining momentum. DIY concrete countertops are good because they allow you to turn your design thoughts into unexpected spaces.


A lot of options for decorating make countertops unique. You can pour LED backlight box, metal or wood elements directly into the concrete bar counter. Color it in one of your favorite colors and shades. Add quartz, marble, decorative stones or colored glass in it. Concrete countertops are very difficult to damage. Decorative covering can be damaged, but easily restored. This is a big “pro” of concrete countertops.


To find out if the d├ęcor of concrete countertops suits you, answer just a couple of questions:


·         Do you want anything that looks individually and unique?

·         Do you want anything that has a natural look and character?

·         Do you value quality of hand-made?

·         Do you find granite too formal, present-day with too much gloss?

·         Do you consider artificial stone to look like plastic?

·         Do you need color and texture which cannot be achieved with other materials for countertops?


If all questions above were answered with “Yes!” then concrete countertops are the ideal variant for you. In comparison with other materials for concrete countertops, there are lots of advantages. Let’s make a short list of them:


·         Individuality

·         Practicality

·         Versatility and all-purposeness

·         Imperfection of aesthetic beauty


Concrete is absolutely unique material. DIY concrete countertops, made by your hands, will be the same unique and up to your lifestyle.


Water repellent impregnation allows get the surface that can resist any kind of contamination and is easy to care for. Food ingredients do not contaminate the countertop. Impregnation cannot be worn out and, thus, does not require additional processing. Impregnation also adds heat resistance to material.


Abilities of concrete are really unlimited! Concrete can emphasize every style, starting from French Country, and etc. Of course, concrete is not perfect always, but we prefer to accept it more as an advantage. DIY concrete countertops are hand-made, including surface finishing process, which is also made manually. As concrete is a mix of many components, a delicate color, shades and textures combination, the countertop should be accepted as a composition of everything mentioned above. Even the highest quality concrete may have cracks of the hair-width. Sometimes they may appear months or even years after installation. They appear as the result of season refurnishing of the space. This is considered to be not a defect, but an aesthetic attractiveness. Decorative concrete embodies beauty of natural materials.


Some cons that are characteristic for concrete countertops:


·         Requires immediate cleaning if stains appear on it

·         Sensitivity to scratches: it’s better to use a cutting board

·         Long time is necessary for making a countertop


As for stains, concrete “behaves” here similarly to granite. Granite countertops also have pores and require filling impregnation and accurate care. Most of people do not realize this, on the reason that granite is mostly of dark color gamma and stains are almost undistinguished on it. Food, acids and oil won’t leave stains on your countertop, if are wiped off immediately. If contaminating substances are not wiped at once, a small blot will appear which can be minimized with a small maintenance.




Making DIY countertops is an exciting process, but also demanding a lot of patience. Even if you follow all the instructions and advice, be ready for thousands of bubbles that need to be patched. It may require a lot of sanding and filling.


The process of making DIY concrete countertops will develop a huge trait of your character – you will learn how to deal with imperfections.


Concrete countertops require much time to be manufactured. It may take from 4 to 6 weeks. Using decorative concrete for countertop manufacturing will be in demand for a long time. Modern technologies allow application of decorative concrete not for stable constructions only, but also inside of your house – in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living-room - all the variants you may see in Concrete Countertop Solutions website. .


Technology of decorative concrete allows making products that are more durable than many natural stones. The countertop may be of a complex form and various color, have unique patterns and texture. Concrete application gives unique opportunity to make sinks of different forms, integrate minerals, petrifactions and etc., and build in stands under pots and pans, loyal prices.


Safety and cleanness


Combination of the main components, special additives and their exact correlation allow create eco-friendly products of high durability that in some cases even exceed most of natural and artificial materials. When manufacturing countertops of decorative concrete, they use components safe for people. These components are allowed for applying in indoor premises and can be used in the kitchen and in the bathroom.


Concrete countertops are made on individual order and are the alternative to expensive countertops of natural (granite, marble) and artificial stones. Price of the countertop is influenced by:


·         Non-standard and curved forms of countertops;

·         Countertop width;

·         Presence of built-in elements;

·         Non-standard countertop flat-end;

·         Availability of apron.


Delivery and installation


Manufactured countertops are delivered to the customer (if necessary, concrete countertops can be made directly on the place of installation). There are no limitations in the size of your countertop of decorative concrete. Countertop size depends mostly on technical parameters of your house.