Colorado History: History 312, Spring 2018

Other Grades


10% OF YOUR GRADE will be based on your group's success at editing Wikipedia entries.  Using La Gente as your guide,  your group should edit as many entries as you see fit with the goal of having five complete sentences persist after subsequent editing.  This may require adding more than five sentences initially.  Groups should copy the wikipedia entries before your edit, then again after your edit, marking the new sentences with a high-lighter.  Groups that have five sentences persist to the end of the semester will get an "A."  Those with lower numbers will get lower grades.  Later in the semester, work towards the same goal using your research project as the source of your information.  Entries that are fully-footnoted have a stronger chances of persisting.  Please submit evidence of all your edits before April 19th.  Since grades will be based upon how well your edits hold up over time, they will not be assigned for this task until the final exam period.

15% OF YOUR GRADE will be based upon a paper concerning the book Vacationland.  The question is: “In William Philpott’s Vacationland, how success are the people of Colorado at shaping nature to their needs? [Very successful? Moderately successful? Not successful at all?]  Why?  Explain your answer, quoting passages from the book to help you demonstrate the justification for your assessment.  The resulting paper should be 5-7 pages long, double-spaced, 1″ margins.  It is due via Slack by March 27th.

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