Colorado History: History 312, Spring 2018

Course Calendar

All scheduled classes below will take place in our regular room unless otherwise noted. This schedule is subject to update on short notice.
January 16:  Course Intro, Syllabus Review

January 18: Guest Speakers
Visitors from local archival repositories pitch possible topics.

January 23:  Tools 
Introduction to Slack, WordPress, Scalar.
Report to GCB 315

January 25: Archives Day 1

January 30: Scalar Tutorial
Report to GCB 315

February 1: More Tools and Final Group Decisions
Report to GCB 315

February 6: Archives Day 2

February 8: Project Pitches and Pitch Discussion
One pitch is due per group 

February 13: La Gente Discussion

February 15: Archives Day 3

February 20: Learn How to Edit Wikipedia Day
Please bring your computer to class. 

February 22: Archives Day 4

February 27: Philpott Discussion, Part I

March 1: Archives Day 5

March 6: Project Updates 
March 8: Archives Day 6 

March 13: Philpott Discussion, Part II

March 15: Archives Day 7

March 19-23: Spring Break

March 27: Group Presentations I
Philpott Papers Due via Slack

March 29: Archives Day 8

April 3: Group Presentations II

April 5: Archives Day 9

April 10 and April 12:  No class on campus this week but blog posts describing project readiness are REQUIRED at some point during the week.

April 17: Archives Day 10

April 19: Archives Day 11

All Wikipedia edits must be done.  Please submit evidence of those edits whenever they are completed.

April 24: Practice Presentations I

April 26: Practice Presentations II

Final Exam Period: Group Presentations at the InfoZone in the Rawlings Library

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