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How To Start A Blog The Easiest Way?

Blogging is not only for professional writers or journalists rather if you look at the online trends these days it can be a very lucrative hobby also. Blogging requires you to be smart in your approach because you never know your unique writing style can bring in a lot of traffic to your blog and you start earning more than your paycheck. Money is obviously a thought when people start blogging but like exceptions are everywhere not everybody writes blog to earn. So whatever be your intention you can start blogging very easily and you need not to be a tech-savvy to convey your writing styles to the global audience.   
Here is how to start a blog the easiest way:

Select a blogging platform:

You will need a blogging platform to get started with your blog. There are many platforms that you can choose between like Wordpress, Drupal, Jumla, Magento, Blogger etc. Out of all the platforms Wordpress is one of the most widely used platforms for websites and blogs. It is used by 26% of the overall websites present on the World Wide Web in comparison to the numerous site design editors, platforms and content management solutions present on the internet today. Make sure you select a blogging platform that fulfills your blog writing needs and have the interface that you will require with your blog posts.

Decide Domain Name and Select a Hosting

A domain name is the name of your blog that you will need to visit your site. You can choose any name that defines your blogging style. You can use your name or some creative name like or a particular niche name that you want to write upon. Once you are done with choosing the best suited domain name it’s time to select the hosting service. Your website needs a hosting service like Bluehost because without it, no one can access your content on the internet. There are many hosting plan you can search online and choose as per your blogging requirement. If you have long term plan for your blog then choose a plan that provides you plenty of web space and other benefits.

Writing the First Post:

Now when have your website ready it’s time to make the first post. Before you start writing about anything you have to think that your blog is one in millions out there on the internet. So if you really want an audience you have to write keeping in mind the things that people might like. Though you can write what you like if earning money through blogging is not your concern. But if you want to get paid through blogging you have to write compelling and engaging content.

For more assistance in getting your blogging plan on the floor you can take help of guide to blogging. And one more thing to mention here that you must not overlook is that you have to keep yourself motivated and always write what you want to not what others are writing so be unique and be creative in your approach.