Educative And Informative 9 Things You Can Do To Help Yourself Fall Asleep

Do you stay for hours without falling asleep after you go to bed? If your answer is yes then you are not alone because this is a common problem that affects many people. This particular problem is brought about by many issues some of which are usually ignored.

There are certain things you can do to ensure that you fall asleep almost immediately you get into your bed. Here are 9 things you can do to help yourself fall asleep.

1. Get a good mattress

The quality of mattress that you sleep on might be the one affecting your sleep. This is because if you sleep on a poor quality mattress you will be uncomfortable and therefore you will take time before falling asleep. You should check out the best mattresses so that you can identify the mattress that will make you comfortable whenever you go to bed.

2. Develop good eating habits

If you eat too much food or you eat immediately before going to bed you will have a hard time falling asleep. You should eat moderate quantities of food and ensure you eat at least thirty minutes prior going to bed so that your body can have time to start digesting the food.

3. Read before going to bed

If you take a book and read a few pages your mind will get relaxed and you will be able to fall asleep more easily. You just need to get an interesting book or magazine that will divert your mind from the stress you might be having.

4. Turn off the lights

If your bedroom has bright lights you will most likely have a hard time falling asleep. This is because the brain is configured in a way that it shuts down when there is minimal light. If you do not like being in very dark places you can get the dim lights which will reduce the light in your bedroom.

5. Count backwards

This is a popular tip which has been proved to be effective. This is because while counting backward your brain concentrates on the counting and therefore there are no distractions which can prevent you from falling asleep.

6. Wear comfortable clothes

If you wear uncomfortable clothes while going to bed you will be uncomfortable and this will hinder you from falling asleep quickly. There are even cheap comfortable and fitting sleeping clothes which you can wear while going to bed.

7. Do light exercises

Before going to bed you should do light exercises even if they will be few pushups. These exercises are helpful because they make the body a little bit fatigued which ensures you fall asleep almost immediately after getting into your bed.

8. Take a shower

A shower will make your entire body feel fresh and relaxed. The shower will also remove the dirt that might be making you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, if you take a shower a few minutes prior to going to bed your body will be fresh and you will fall asleep easily.

9. Avoid sleeping during the day

Many people usually sleep during the day, especially in the afternoon. This is a major cause of sleep for it reduces the urge to sleep. Consequently, you should ensure that you only sleep at night even if you feel sleepy during the day. 


It is evident that there are various things you can do to help you sleep almost immediately after going to bed. Most of these things are simple and do not require a lot of effort. Therefore, will you be spending hours before falling asleep again after knowing all these simple tips?