E-cigarette as a Medicine and Know Various Other Benefits

Although this grouping seems to be quite tempting for the layman, it must be a positive assessment of the e-cigarette to declare it as a medicament; it would have been in detail for the e-cigarette because medicines must go through various tests before they are available on the market. There they are only found in pharmacies.

The reason for this was that the e-cigarette is not fundamentally designed for the alleviation, prevention or cure and is not marketed accordingly. Consumer practices also do not allow the product to fall into the category "medicines". The liquids are not included in the group of functional drugs.

These reasons speak for the steaming of e-cigarettes rather than the smoking of tobacco cigarettes:


It has been already researched and confirmed that e-cigarettes are less harmful than conventional cigarettes . E-cigarettes should not be used in addition to tobacco cigarettes but exclusively for the purpose of a complete smoke stop. What is your opinion? Is the e-cigarette really the longed-for alternative to the normal cigarette?

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