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Daniel Anderson, Author

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Edited E-Poems

In Reflection...
My edited e-poem is probably the piece that I spent the most time on. Because I took the same poems and clips from the performance poem, I believed that it would be a fairly quick project, reworking content on a program that I was now more familiar with could not be too demanding. I was completely wrong, however. I wanted to make this poem as visually rich as possible, creating a growing, changing forest that features the poem well. I decided to use an old clip from TV to sort of reflect the old image of the forest that is discussed, but the actual visuals of such substantial trees falling and the relentless saws dividing them is demanding to watch. To add to the whimsical nature of many memories, I took a super-saturated clip from the Jungle Book as one of the bases of the forest, and again showed the black and white plants growing around the multiple videos playing. I had more time to experiment with text and sound, and decided that the poem should be listened to through out instead of read by the viewer so that they can focus on the very visually demanding video. I really became accustomed to camtasia during this project, learning how to manipulate photos and transitions and just creating a polished video. The editing process for this poem was fairly simple but really captured my experience with camtasia. There is a video to this process at the end of my path. 
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