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Daniel Anderson, Author

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Audio Essay - Saint Crispin's Day Speech

The Assignment



Revision Walkthrough:


In this assignment, we were asked to assemble a medium-length audio essay discussing some piece of literature, and then relating it back to an experience in our lives.  In my assignment, I chose to analyze and review the Saint Crispin's Day Speech in Henry V by Shakespeare.  I then attempted to coorelate it with my experiences as a homeschooler.  In this project, the main issue I predicted people would have was being able to effectively mix together the dual narratives of a personal story and a literature analysis, especially in such a linear medium.  Thus, in my original draft, I focused a significant amount of effort in simply trying to transition between the two effectively and meshing them together smoothly at the end.  I would say that, on the whole, I was fairly successful at accomplishing this.  However, in my attempt to weave the stories together, I did make a few organizational errors that were pointed out in the comments.

Thus, in my revision, I mostly focused on restructuring the organization of the essay while not sacrificing the good weaving I had done before.  In particular, this involved moving one large section of my essay up by several minutes, so that instead of discussing the Panopticon midway through the essay, it is recognized immediately.

Techinically, this piece was fairly standard.  The entire piece was recorded in a quiet room on Audacity using a Logitech G35 headset for clarity.  I first recorded all of the raw audio after reading my transcript verbatim.  Then, I went through the raw audio and adjusted the timings in between segments, added short audio clips, and altered fade in/out levels for each clip.

For the revision video, first, I recorded only the video of the entire process of me editing this piece.  This included, first, editing the script for the piece and then, in audacity, recording and mixing the new piece.  Then, once I had all of the raw footage, I wrote down each of the steps I had taken during the process.  Using this, I read and elaborated on them, creating an audio clip for how I did the revisions.  Then, in post-production, I added the relevant video clips on top of the audio, to help illustrate what I was saying.
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