Women and Cannabis: A Wellness Revolution


Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, has become the main topic of many scientific studies these past few years. The legalization of cannabis for medical use in different countries around the world has become a major step in rebranding the once forbidden plant to be used as an alternative form of treatment. In the United States, hemp sales have gone through the roof, and states that have legalized its use are earning billions of dollars in profit.

Since the research about marijuana began, scientists have been looking for ways on how they can extract the cannabidiol component of the plant. This component is responsible for providing treatments, and according to experiments, this component really helps a lot, especially when someone is in pain. These days, companies manufacturing cannabidiol oil started to pop up all across the country, promising its customers a relief if they will be using their product, and their marketing strategy is working because more sales are being posted by these companies.

Why the cannabis industry targets women as one of their primary markets?

One of the target markets of companies that sell cannabidiol oil products are women, and recently, these companies started to advertise products that claim to provide various advantages for their female users. Even if the advertisement sounds too good to be true, many women find it interesting to try out a product that is made entirely from the cannabis plant.

Curiosity is what drives many women in trying these products, but scientists have assured the people that there really are benefits in using cannabidiol oil. Those who have already tried it are saying that the effects of using the oil extracted from the hemp have an instant effect, and they felt relief the moment they used it.

The product is also receiving a positive review online, prompting the manufacturers to become more aware of their target market, creating new ways on how they can persuade more people from buying their product. For women who are interested in buying a product that contains cannabidiol oil, they need to understand the following benefits that they might experience shortly after using it. These are enhancing someone’s beauty regime, promoting better digestion, maintaining the body’s cholesterol level, manage hormonal imbalance, and alleviate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Women have many choices of CBD, hemp and cannabis products

One of the main reasons that women are a great market for CBD and hemp products is the many ways that their are for them to use in to improve their health, beauty and wellness. Aside from the most common methods like tinctures, capsules and vaping CBD, women have the additional choices of CBD bath bombs, hemp body lotions, cosmetics, smoothies, CBD shampoo - and even CBD tampons.

Enhancing the Beauty Regime

Cannabidiol oil is packed with nutrients, and using it regularly can make someone look better, thanks to its natural properties that make the skin look younger and healthier. It is only recently that beauty experts discovered how cannabidiol oil can be beneficial to the skin, and they are now advertising it to a huge percentage of the population. Many people are now buying products infused with cannabidiol oil and putting it on their skin to make it smoother. Scientists have confirmed that people who are suffering from skin diseases can rely on the product to prevent it from worsening, and there have been positive results from those who are verified to have skin problems.

The beauty industry is investing a lot in the production of CBD oil products, and it has become one of the latest trends in the industry. Users of cannabidiol oil are claiming that using it regularly allowed their skin to regenerate faster, giving them a younger looking skin. Cannabidiol oil also enabled the skin to become more effective in repairing itself. Dark spots also disappear in areas where the oil has been applied. The hair also benefited from the oil, and using it regularly can lead to a healthier and stronger hair. Finally, someone who is using the cannabidiol oil would have better sleep, resulting in a lower amount of stress.

Using Cannabidiol Oil for Better Digestion

According to those who have used cannabidiol oil, ingesting it in small amounts would drastically help someone who is having digestive issues. Studies have shown that women are more susceptible to digestive tract issues. Scientists wanted to know if cannabidiol oil is effective, and when used on subjects, they have shown positive changes in their digestive health. Common digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome significantly dropped. Abdominal pain, constipation, and bloating, which are also common digestive issues, are also reported to stop after ingesting a small amount of cannabidiol oil. The changes that the digestive tract experiences after the subject takes a small amount of cannabidiol can serve as evidence that the substance has a lot of benefits.

Women who have been encouraging others to try out products with cannabidiol oil are highlighting this effect, and they are claiming that women who have a healthy digestive tract would develop a healthy lifestyle. Chronic issues with the digestive system can also be avoided, and the digestive tract would now work continuously without any issues. Companies that are well aware of the fact that cannabidiol oil is beneficial to the digestive tract are now marketing their products towards those who are experiencing digestive issues more frequently, and most of the time, those who have used the products are satisfied with the result.

Maintaining a Good Cholesterol Level

Our body can only tolerate a limited amount of cholesterol, and if we reached a consistently high level of cholesterol, our heart might be in danger. People who are obese have a high level of bad cholesterol, and it can result in health complications in the long run. Thankfully, cannabidiol oil can be used to regulate the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. People who have been taking cannabidiol oil are saying that their bad cholesterol levels started to decrease after they used a product infused with the oil, and the scientists who are also researching about it are surprised seeing how people have transformed after using the product. Women are more prone to developing more cholesterol inside their body, but they can now regulate it thanks to cannabidiol oil.

Managing Hormonal Imbalance

The female body has a lot of mysteries, and one of the mysteries that continually happen that is experienced by a lot of women is a hormonal imbalance. According to specialists, hormonal imbalance can happen when the body is producing too much or too little hormones. These fluctuations inside the body happen most of the time during the puberty stage, but it can also happen during premenopausal or the menopausal stages. When hormonal balance happens, the body is thrown into total chaos, and the woman can feel a lot of discomforts. However, scientists suggest that the negative effects of hormonal imbalance can be prevented by using cannabidiol oil. Based on the tests performed on various subjects, the hormones started to become more balanced after the body was exposed to cannabidiol oil.

Alleviating the Body from the PMS Syndrome

The premenstrual syndrome, or PMS for short, is being experienced by a lot of women around the world. It can be characterized by extreme mood swings, body cramps, anxiety and stress, the tenderness of the breasts, fatigue, constipation, and bloating. For most women, having these symptoms are not funny, and they wanted a quick relief from the pain that it causes. Luckily, they can use cannabidiol oil to help them recover from the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, allowing them to live comfortably.


Women who wanted to find relief from different disorders and symptoms that they are experiencing should start using cannabidiol oil. This product has become legalized in many states across the US, and some can also be purchased online. Just indicate that the product will be used for medical purposes, and follow the dosage and the instructions on the label on how to use it to make it more effective.

Author: Doris Hutchins