What Makes Android Application Development The Need of The Hour?

Stats indicate that the global mobile application revenue in the year 2020 is estimated to rise to 189 billion USD, up from 88 billion USD in the year 2016, which makes the mobile app development industry as one of the most aggressively growing niche worldwide.

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Android application development platform happens to be a great choice than considering the cross-platform app development options. This is mainly because Android is an open source OS and is preferred by most of the smartphone manufacturers. This generates massive business opportunities and boosts growth.

Most of the off-the-shelf apps available today are vastly customizable products. Yet the niche for customized Android application development is gaining a lot more significance.

Below are some of the vital reasons why businesses prefer hiring a customized Android application development company for their needs.

An Ideal Solution For Exclusive Business Requirements

Every business is exclusive and therefore demands a distinctive solution. Ready-made applications are targeted often to meet a wide range of businesses and come with utmost reliability and quality, but they can eventually be an obstruction to your business objectives

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Innovative and customized processes offer Android apps the flexibility to suit certain business in-house operations. Moreover, they can be easily confined to maximize usage and double productivity.

Saves Money And Time

Android app development services costs can be highly deceptive. The cost of developing a customized Android application may or may not be lower than buying out-of-the-box solutions. On the other hand, it allows the customers to stay on time and within their budget during the app development period.

Moreover, for a customized Android app, a buyer will be investing on a certain set of features that have been requested. Several additional charges such as installation costs, recurring licensing expenses, and training costs can be excluded for customized apps.

Complication and Compatibility Issues

As mobile apps are customized and designed from scratch in accordance with the end user needs, they are easier to understand and are compatible with the ongoing business program and applications.

Enhances Business Security

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Android apps that are designed by a professional Android development company always cater to enhanced security. As an application is exclusively designed for a certain enterprise, competitors and other users that are outside the organization will not have any clues about the architecture which has been used during the app development process.  Hereafter, business security risks go low when compared to the general 3rd –party applications.

Compatibility With Wearable Gadgets

Among businesses, the use of the Android-based wearable gadgets is flooding mainly due to user interacting functionality and quick communication. According to a survey, the number of connected wearable gadgets worldwide is anticipated to increase from an estimate of 325 million in the year 2016 to more than 830 million by the year 2020. Therefore, developing device compatible Android apps perhaps prove to be useful for businesses to bring in more user-base and profits eventually.