Want To Develop An App For Your Business? Consider React Native For Mobile App Development

Mobile applications are no longer considered as a luxury but have become more of a necessity of day-to-day life and cross-platform app development has come up as a viable solution to complete mobile application development. The aspect of cross-platform development allows businesses to cut expenses and save time by keeping the app development single codebase.

Earlier, the biggest challenge that the app developers had to face was to develop apps that worked well on multiple platforms like Android and iOS. However, the scenario has changed, and it has only been made possible with react mobile development approach, which allows businesses to have separate apps for both iOS and Android.

React Native app development framework has turned out to be a rising mobile-based solution and certainly has the potential to built robust and high-performing mobile apps for businesses.

Why Consider React Native Mobile App Development Platform?

There are several frameworks which allow the app developers to create cross-platform applications but what makes react native exclusive includes features like native feel, high performance, library support, single codebase, and development costs.

React Native is an open source mobile application framework that has been developed by Facebook which mainly introduced the concept of Web development into mobile application development using JavaScript. The apps in no way differ from the applications that are built on Objective-C, Java, or Swift and make use of similar User-interface building blocks as the native Android or iOS applications. However, hiring a professional react native development company allows businesses to come up with a business app that is less expensive and much faster.

Comparing Native Vs React Native App Performance

Comparing native VS react native app performance for the mobile apps made on React Native Vs Swift were nearly similar in their UI somehow Swift has a little edge over react native. Measuring both of the app’s GPU, CPU, Memory during different tasks, the applications proved to be identical in how they performed. Native did well in the overall CPU, Memory and GPU performance category.

React Native happens to be one of the most preferred app development frameworks in the world today. It has all the amazing features like native performance, feel, hot reload, speed, large community and supported by Facebook, 3rd-party library API support, surely makes it the best mobile app development platform. However, it is imperative to hire the services of an expert react mobile development company to ensure you get the best kind of an app for your business needs.