The Benefits of Using Detox Foot Pads

The natural body patterns play a role in the natural detoxification process. With the changing lifestyle patterns, people have become more exposed to junk foods and increased toxicity from greenhouse gases and chemically produced foods. It is for this reason that our bodies have suffered from more toxicity. With increased toxins inside the circulation system, the lymphatic system gets affected therefore causing the derailment of the immune system. As a result, the body is prone to more infections and terminal illnesses. The high levels of toxicity put a lot of pressure on natural detoxification processes. If the body is not detoxifying properly then the general health and functional capacity of a person is also adversely affected. It is, therefore, important to detoxify.

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Detoxification prerequisite

When toxicity levels in the body increase, there are often signs that indicate that detoxification is required. Signs such as frequent colds, sluggishness, the feeling of sickness, bad breath, fatigue, etc. are enough to communicate the need for detoxification. These signs indicate that the human body is losing functional capacity.

The detox foot pad is produced from natural ingredients like tourmaline, methanol, eucalyptus, minerals, agarics mushroom, Dextrin, gemstone, sea salt, other mineral elements, and bamboo vinegar. The ingredients activate acupuncture points and eliminate toxins from lymph and the blood. The outcome is body revitalization, rejuvenation, and enhanced immunity.

The reason detox foot pads are attached to the sole of the feet is that, according to oriental medicine, the feet are the second heart. The legs facilitate the pumping of blood and lymph from the lower extremities into the torso. When we are in an immobile state the circulation system will also slow down. Owing to the fact that toxins are pushed away from the heart to the extremities with the aid of gravity the legs will contain more blood and lymph while a person is lying down in a state of inactivity. Detox foot pads function optimally when attached on an area with high levels of blood supply. The detox foot pads can be attached to other areas like the ankles, arms, or knees.

Detox foot pads functional qualities

The detox foot pad will suction toxins from the body, therefore, assisting in the restoration of optimal body activity. Foot pads help to restore optimal body immunity. Among other things, detoxification is important to the restoration of body vitality, optimum mental activity, enhanced concentration and memory, and restoration of natural sleeping patterns.

There are more than 60 acupuncture points on the feet. The ingredients in detox foot pads activate the acupuncture points to produce a soothing effect that helps in relaxation. These effects also provoke toxin transfer into the legs. Natural body reflexes also facilitate the pushing of toxins from the human heart into lower limbs. Tourmaline generates negatively charged anions that adhere to metals like lead and arsenic. Bamboo vinegar induces the osmotic process that suctions toxins from the body through the pores. With toxin elimination, the circulation system is enhanced.

Why use detox foot pads?

Among other things, detox foot pads help in restoring optimum body vitality, improving circulation of blood and lymph, optimizing the immune system, improving body metabolism, stimulation of brain cells for optimal brain function and homeostasis.