Burglary Statistics In Henderson NV

Henderson is the second largest city in all of Nevada. It is therefore one of the most popular settlement areas with almost 300,000 people living there as of 2017. The area has a lot to offer both residents and visitors whether it is the world famous hiking trails or the incredible cultural hubs scattered all over the city. For residents in particular, one of the most important things is security. This applies whether you leave within the city or in the lush Green Valley Ranch suburbs. Below is a summary of the crime and burglary statistics in the area that should come in handy in case you are considering moving here. That way, you will know exactly what to expect and how best to prepare yourself, your family and your property.

Is Henderson safe?

For the most part, Henderson is one very safe city. Studies have time and again shown it to be one of the safest cities in the state and the country in general. However, it is not entirely devoid of crime. When it comes to property crimes like burglary and other forms of theft, Henderson scored a 30 on a 1-100 crime scale by Sperling’s Best Places study. This is just below the national average of 38.1 points. So, what do all these burglary statistics in Henderson NV mean for you as the home owner?

First off, it means that a move to Henderson is not a bad idea for you as a homeowner. However, habits like leaving your doors unlocked will have to be done away with. It also means that however safe your neighborhood might seem, you will have to take extra cautionary measures to protect your property from burglars. That way, you will be able to fully and truly enjoy all that Henderson has to offer without having to worry about being a contributor to the area’s property crime statistics.

How investing in a good locksmith helps

As a home owner, you might not realize this but a good locksmith is one of your best defenses against burglars in Henderson and pretty much anywhere else. Below is how they come in handy.

  1. They help you pick the right lock
    Choosing the right lock is the first step when it comes to ensuring that your home is properly protected from burglars. In this case, locksmiths come in handy as they help you chose the very best model and design for your home. Their experience with different locks puts them in the best position to recommend a lock that will offer you full value for your money.
  2. They help with installation and maintenance of the lock
    In addition to helping you pick the lock, the locksmith will help boost your security in your Henderson home by installing it properly on your door. That way, you can rest assured that it is in the best position and state to offer you maximum security benefits. They also run regular maintenance and repair to ensure that the lock continues to serve you properly for a long time.
  3. They help identify weak spots in your home security systems
    When securing your Henderson town house or suburb mansion, a locksmith will also help you identify weak spots. This could be an unsecured back door or a low lying window which could easily be exploited by the burglar. This information allows you to take the necessary steps to reinforce security in these vulnerable spots to ensure full-proof protection.
  4. They give great security advice
    In addition to helping you select and install the lock, the locksmith will also help by offering miscellaneous security advice. They have their ear to the ground as far as security is concerned and are among the best professionals to offer you burglary prevention tips and tricks .

Bottom line

After all is said and done, there is no denying the fact that Henderson, NV is one of the safest places in the state. Whether you have an apartment downtown or you live in one of the many luxurious suburb neighborhoods, you will not have a lot to worry about. However, it is not entirely a crime free city and you as the home owner have to take several steps to ensure that you protect yourself. With all the information provided above, you should be able to choose the best place to move to and to protect yourself from any potential danger.