Bar Necklace - A Perfect Personalized Gift

Bar necklace is a special jewelry that keeps moments of your life, special dates and names for long-term memories by turning it into engraved text on the surface of gold or silver pendant. Personalized family birthstone necklace is created to tell a meaningful story, that is close to your heart or to the person, to whom you present it. You won’t take it off if the jewelry reminds you of some special day or person.

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Think about the personalized bar necklace as a valuable gift for treasured people. Show your love and attention with silver or gold bar necklace for mom, children, granny, close friend or your partner. This kind of jewelry is not one piece of trendy accessory that will soon be out of fashion. It is a more classic thing that fits everyone and can be worn with a different style of clothes. And also it is a chance to bring your creative ideas to life - designers will convert your handwritten text into a handcrafted individual masterpiece. It is a perfect moment to show off your wedding date or childbirth, the name of spouse or just your handwritten signature.

What can you carve on the bar pendant? As we mentioned earlier, you can engrave names, dates, but also coordinates. It could be a coordinate of your birthplace or the place, where you met your lover - the main thing is to carve coordinates of some special, meaningful location. Also, the coordinates, sealing on the bar, can lead to some hidden treasures. It is like the quest game that will definitely impress the gift receiver.
The text can be engraved on one or both sides of the bar, or if it is a 3D bar necklace, you can put the text on the four sides. The last option is a perfect idea for those who have a lot of children and want to engrave several names. Gold and silver initial bar necklace is a perfect choice if you want to wear individual jewelry to highlight yourself among others.

Feel free to wear a few bar necklace at once, they will fit together. But don’t wear chains with different metals: silver and rose gold, for example. As a chain for bar pendant, you can use cord choker, as well. To make your bar necklace more adorable you can decorate it with a carved flower or other drawings. Along with, you can use different shapes for this pendant - not an only bar, but also square, circle, triangle. The bar necklace can be worn horizontally and vertically.

Golden or silver bar necklace is more than ordinary jewelry that you can buy in the average store. It symbolizes love and reflects feelings, reminds sweet moments and keeps memories. You can find the service of personal engraving online. There are specialized companies that offer only individual pieces of jewelry. If you are searching for a perfect gift for family or friends, pay attention to the bar name necklace, individually made sincere keepsake. Wearing this jewelry the receiver will feel that he or she is not alone in this world.

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