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3 Major Cyber Security Problems Challenging Experts

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017 - By Steve Gallagher

What are the major cyber security problems facing experts in the tech industry today? Below are three examples of common issues faced tech experts:


Malware is by far the biggest issue causing experts the biggest headaches when trying to combat cyber security issues. Malware is literally everywhere and is often found in the most unexpected places. Additionally, a majority of cyber criminals use vicious malware to cause individuals and businesses colossal nightmares.

Common malware schemes include locking up computers and charging a ransom in exchange for getting their sensitive data and information back, infiltrating organizations using phishing scams, and stealing confidential information with the intent to expose company secrets or to gain publicity.

Perhaps one of the deadlier types of malware is RAT (remote access Trojan), designed to quietly sit inside a network, slowly wreaking havoc with little to no detection. This type of malware is the most challenging for tech experts to track down and detect.

Network Users

While the majority of network users have good intentions, there are many that do not. Unfortunately, most organizations have at least one more employees who have malicious intentions, making insider threats a huge problem because they are not always to identify either. That being said, the majority of user cybersecurity challenges are due to accidental actions or misuse of computers or network.

The majority of breaches and holes caused by users could be prevented through the implementation of the proper IT Security solutions, but the solutions in place all depend on the the time, money, and effort a business or individual may be willing to spend in order to prevent cyber security issues.


One of the major road blocks faced by professionals in the tech field is the lack of a strong budget to help professionals put the right cyber security programs in place. A majority of a budget is typically allocated to help experts to deal with large-scale breaches due to the fact that organizations have a hard time placing a monetary value on cybersecurity until it affects in a way that can be measured, such as in a case where a major security breach takes place.

The challenges for tech experts when it comes to cybersecurity are many, which is why it takes dedicated teams of experts to come up with the right solutions.