Benefits of three-wall double-pane windows

Benefits of three-wall double-pane windows

Advantages The features of the PVC window are three-pane windows that are important for everyone in 100. I'm sure everyone is aware of the importance of this window by reading the following to make their home the best.

The following is from the scientific and empirical material used in the whole of Europe and the United States. It is collected. You can see each single item in English and see how much these windows are, and our company chooses the best producers. Offers the best

Double glazed window

  1. Highest thermal insulation and maximum energy saving

  2. Highest sound insulation and the most effective type of window for reducing sound pollution and creating a quiet environment for work and life
     3 Reduced cool radiation

     4- Resistant to wind force, rain and severe storms

  1. Full sealing and no water penetration during heavy rainfall

  2. Complete sealing and preventing the entry of dust and hot or cold air

  3. Effective in protecting the environment and reducing air pollution by reducing the need to illuminate the heat-generating appliances that produce smoke and carbon dioxide and oxygen burner
      8- Preventing the heating of the earth
  1. Reducing the initial cost of purchasing cooling and heating facilities due to the need to purchase smaller facilities and preventing waste of space for larger installations.
  2. Reducing energy costs and cooling and cooling installations

  3. Creating a clean and refreshing environment at home and at work by preventing smoke and reducing oxygen due to less use of thermite
  4. Creating more shelf life for color of the room, curtains, sofas and carpets by less washing
  5. Environmental protection is reduced by the use of materials
  6. Ultraviolet UV resistant and preventing its transfer to the home using special glass and eliminating the destructive effects of this radiation.
  7. Possibility to create various geometric and bending designs in accordance with building architecture
  8. High strength due to the specific geometry of the UPVC profile
  9. Sustainability and long service life, and even reusability after degradation and renovation
  10. Stability and color stability in various environmental conditions
  11. Self-colored without the need for preserving and shiny materials and no need for frequent services (replacement, painting, etc.)
  12. Easy cleaning
  13. Hygiene and preventing the infiltration of insects and pathogens
  14. Possibility to install the window after painting and staining inside the building
  15. Possibility to install special and beautiful curtains
  16. Non-flammable
  17. Protection of the environment through recycling and use in other industries
  18. Easy installation
  19. Deterioration of deformation and safety due to the use of galvanized sheets inside profile houses


30- High safety due to the use of multilayer fittings

31- Variety in design and type of openings and the ability to open in various forms required for different building spaces

32- Ability to use patterned veneers for different decorations and tastes

33- Creating building styling and earthquake resistant

34- Non-corrosive and rust-resistant and resistant to corrosion (acids and alkalis) and chemicals

35- Resistant to any weather conditions and the best option for use in wet and humid areas

36- It is possible to install a curtain, shield, shutters and special curtains

37- Avoid making condensation and sweating on the surface of the glass and reducing external visibility

38- The possibility of using more space close to the windows during the year by preventing hot or cold air or by preventing hot and cold radiation through windows.
  1. Energy savings by using two-or three-door PVC windows and doors

  2. According to the organization's research on fuel efficiency optimization in Iran, about 45% of energy losses are achieved through windows.

  3. If you touch the window frame and window glass in the winter, you will see that it is cold and this is the reason why the glass and glass frame is exchanging the outside with the outside.

  4. Using glass and double glazing, thermal exchange through the window will be minimized.

  5. The number of glass walls, the presence of neutral gas in their intermediate walls, and how to assemble glass and double-edged windows is effective in reducing its thermal insulation.

  6. Creating a quiet environment with three-window PVC windows

  7. The rate of noise pollution in large cities is 80-75 dB and in small towns 55 dB.

  8. ​​The presence of empty channels among the UPVC profiles in addition to lighter weight makes the window profile better insulation and prevent the transfer of ambient noise outside the interior.

  9. Using double-glazed windows and triple-glazed windows in UPVC windows and the use of several rubber seals in the complex profile of the profile, the windows in addition to the thermal insulation, also provide a very good sound insulation and prevent the internal sound from the inside out and The transmission of noise pollution will be outside the environment.
  10. Window UPVC is a beautiful window matching your interior or interior decoration
  11. UPVC profiles have the ability to weld due to Thermoplastic properties, and with the use of advanced assembly and assembly machines, UPVC windows can be manufactured in complex, curved, angled, bended, and ... shapes. And compatible with all modern and classic architectural designs. At the same time, using laminate profiles, these windows can be painted in a color, wood design from the inside out or out, or even by using aluminum profiles, these windows can be produced with the aluminum exterior appearance Made
  12. UPVC windows, windows compatible with space and home environment
  13. Having various types of equipment that can be used in the production of UPVC windows, it is possible to open windows in various forms such as Tilt, Swing, Sliding, French, ... Combined and multimode shapes, including Tilt & amp; Turn, Lift-Sliding, Tilt-Sliding, Lift-Sliding, Slide-folding, and ... are designed to fit the needs of the designer and the consumer.

  14. UPVC windows, high life windows

53-UPVC, due to its intrinsic properties, exhibits a very good resistance to many natural and chemical erosion factors, and these properties make use of UPVC windows in chemical and industrial environments. UPVC windows are immune from rust, corrosion and damaging effects of acidity, acid rain and insects such as termites, cakes, and so on. Extremely useful durability and good weather even reuse these windows after the destruction and renovation.

  1. UPVC windows, always new windows

  2. UPVC windows are resistant to saline water and in humid and sunny weather in tropical regions, against wind and acid and salt rain, and do not cause any effects such as caries. To be

  3. UPVC windows, clean windows

  4. The surface properties of UPVC doors and windows are that they are capable of producing in a variety of colors, while at the same time they are easily cleaned with home-made detergents and water and, unlike aluminum and wood windows, scratches at their surface. And therefore does not require any polish, staining and periodic repairs. This feature is very important from the viewpoint of beauty and enhancement. In addition, the initial staining costs are also eliminated in these windows, and the window profile can be color-coded if demanded by the customer.

  5. UPVC windows, sanitary windows

  6. Due to the nature of UPVC, the growth of bacteria and germs in UPVC windows in microbial environments is very limited and insect repellents are not able to degrade and nest. This feature has been put into use in hospital settings, food industry factories and laboratory environments.

  7. UPVC windows, imperceptible windows

  8. With regard to airborne pollution and dusty urban environments in our country as well as in the desert areas, UPVC windows with their own special structure are a very good barrier against the transfer of dust particles and pollutants.

  9. At the same time, the inaccuracy of these windows makes it difficult to penetrate the water when it is washed away from the outside or with heavy rainfall.

  10. UPVC windows, light windows and office

  11. Using galvanic cans in the multi-hole structure of UPVC profiles, these products have the same stiffness and mechanical strength as they are, and provide sufficient resistance against wind and storm to prevent disturbance and vibration.

  12. UPVC windows, secure windows

  13. One of the characteristics of UPVC windows is the use of special and diverse equipment. One of these types of anti-theft devices is their anti-theft features, which are especially noticeable in the villa buildings.

  14. UPVC windows, non-flammable windows

  15. Among the features of UPVC is that its melting temperature is C (385 ° C) and above the firing temperature (C 260 ° C), but unlike wood, it does not become an incendiary source at the time of ignition, Fire cannot be transmitted.

  16. UPVC windows, recyclable windows

70-UPVC, like most other polymeric products, can be recycled. In the window production stage, unused porous wastes and profiles can also be used to recycle the UPVC profile in other industries.

  1. UPVC windows, sun-resistant windows

  2. Due to the use of sun-resistant materials and climate change, UPVC windows do not suffer from changes in color, chemical degradation, deterioration and wear due to external factors such as extreme changes in temperature and in the sun's rays.

  3. UPVC windows, windows resistant to rain, acidic and playful factors

  4. The UPVC windows are very resistant to many of the acids and bases and do not rot or rot.

  5. UPVC windows are affordable or economical windows

  6. Although the cost of constructing a double-edged UVV window is lower than other types of double-glazed windows, due to having the highest coefficient of thermal insulation, it reduces consumption of heating and cooling equipment in the building and leads to lower consumption costs. Kinds of equipment also.

  7. Window UPVC Window Insulation against Electricity

  8. Power does not pass through the UPVC profile.

  9. The ability to reconstruct old windows with window UPVC windows

  10. Using UPVC reconstruction profiles, it's easy to reconstruct old windows without the need for damage.

  11. The ability to use secure and durable fittings in UPVC windows

  12. In these windows there are a number of fittings designed to surround the window and lock the windows in four directions and easily fit into the window. In addition to its high strength, these fittings are resistant to rust and corrosion and will not lose their quality over time.

83- Window UPVC Window Single Seamless and Seamless Window

84-An integrated welded system in the corners results in the absence of seams of sound and dust carrier in these windows.
  1. At the same time, the presence of seams in the windows makes it possible to start demolishing windows from these locations in other types of windows.

86- prevents the influence of rain and water and prevents the walls of the adjacent walls from collapsing

  1. The UPVC window prevents the penetration of rainwater and window washing into the building by using sealing strips around the window and the window openings, as well as insulating the window around the building adjacent to the wall of the building. Also, creating water drainage piers on the frame will direct the water entering the window to the outside.

  2. UPVC windows. Environment windows

  3. UPV Profile has, in comparison with other materials used in construction, a 100% recycling capability and a return to production area for petrochemical products. Therefore, the windows of the UPS are environmentally friendly. have became.

  4. Possibility of installation of shutters, blinds and blinds in UPVC windows

  5. The windows made from the UPVC profile can be fitted with a curtain to prevent the entry of insects into the building, and the removal of overburden and the entry of disturbing light. Between the two windows, these windows can be fitted with a shield or shutter.

  6. Avoid Air Infiltration

93-PVC windows, as well as insulating and preventing heat transfer, due to the presence of numerous tires and full sealing, prevent winter cold weather in the winter and hot nosew in summer to be prevented. As a result, it is possible to achieve the optimum thermal conditions with less energy.

  1. Reducing environmental pollution by using UPVC windows

  2. Air, water, dust, moisture, unpleasant odors and ... can have many disadvantages for people living in the building. These contaminations, in addition to increasing family healing costs, include cleaning and cleaning costs.
  3. Water, electricity, detergent, home appliances replacement and so on. Also, excessive use of detergents can cause irreparable damage to the environment and groundwater resources. The use of UPS windows, due to its complete sealing, prevents the entry of contaminants into the building to a great extent and reduces the costs involved.

  4. Avoid hot or cold radiation with UPVC windows

  5. Cool radiation from factor surfaces that can cause heat dissipation. In fact, each surface exhibits its temperature in the environment. That is, if you set the temperature to zero at the ice level, the temperature you would feel is a combination of air temperature and ice temperature, which makes the person feel about half the temperature of the air. For example, if the temperature of the air at that instant is 26 degrees Celsius, which is relatively warm, it will feel 13 degrees cold. The same principle also occurs in the windows because iron windows with a single-wall glass can easily transmit outside temperatures and, for example, at an outside temperature of -5 ° C, the glass surface reaches to about zero And as a result, the same problem occurs when standing in front of an ice surface, the picture is repeated in warm summers, which itself causes a lot of energy loss, because for each degree of internal temperature change the energy consumption of the building increases by 6% . This means that in the event of a 5 degree change in temperature, the energy consumption will increase by 30%. If you use PVC windows with double-glazed windows with a gap filled with argon gas, the temperature of the glass surface and the profiles will be approximately equal to the air temperature of the room. As a result, a more favorable heat sensation is created in the summer and winter for residents who are sometimes located in the vicinity of the windows.

  6. The reasons for the popularity of UPVC windows

Windows upvc(پنجره دوجداره)

If you walk in the streets of the suburbs of England, you will find that most houses have been used in UPVC doors and windows. While around 50 years ago, there were no doors and windows of UPVC in the same streets.

The UPVC profile, which has been used to make doors and windows since the 1960's, has gained its popularity over the past 20 years in England, where today's construction of more than 85% of new windows and replacements Old windows are used.

By looking at the features of UPVC, it's easy to get the reason for its popularity.

UPVC windows are very durable with a lifespan of at least 35 years, which is far greater than the old and traditional windows. Also resistant to atmospheric factors, ultraviolet rays and many acids, they do not require special protection and maintenance, and are easy to clean with appropriate cleaners, but old windows, both wood and metal, need almost every two years. They are stained to prevent color variation, curvature, decay, and rust.

- In appearance, the UPVC windows with a variety of designs and colors create a beautiful beauty in modern buildings. Despite the scumming of the owners of traditional houses that the windows in their homes do not have a good prospect.

UPVC windows significantly improve the energy efficiency of homes and play an important role in increasing the security of homes. In addition, due to the use of galvanizing in the structure of UPVC profiles, they have high strength and prevent the entry of any environmental contaminations into the building due to the use of rubber sealing strips.

Today, home security and protection against the entry of intruders are of particular importance. The doors and windows of UPVC are more secure than old windows with locks that are mounted at several points.

- With UPVC installation and windows with two and twelve glasses, the heat dissipation will be significantly reduced, which will be very effective in reducing carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gases to preserve the earth for future generations.

If you live in a crowded building or in a busy city center where abusive sounds can hurt you, you should know that UPVC windows with double-glazed windows, not only have thermal insulation properties, but also the entrance of the head Sounds are also blocked inside the house. These windows are capable of opening and closing in different directions because of the possibility of using the fittings (single-state, two-state, sliding, horizontal, vertical, etc.).

- Ease of installation, variety in design and color, physical durability and durability against different atmospheric conditions, as well as the ability to recycle PVC are other factors that have contributed to the growth of this industry. Today, in Europe, more than 70% of the market share is UPVC.

UPVC windows can easily be replaced with old windows without the need for damage, using reconstructive profiles.

-The above mentioned items are only part of the benefits of UPVC doors and windows. So, if you have not yet been replacing your windows and doors, take the quickest steps to do this, taking into account the above points.

What is UPVC

-UPVC is an abbreviation for words (Unplas PolyVinyl Chloride). The main ingredient is PolyVinyl Chloride.

- This material accounts for about 85% of the primary composition of the UPVC profiles.

In addition to this, other additives are added to the composition in order to produce the desired properties, whose lack or change in the amount used in the formulation can greatly affect the finished product.

Additives can be mentioned as follows:

1. Fillers Fillers

2. Lubricants Lubricants

3. Stabilizers Thermal Stabilizers

4. Color Stabilizers

5. Assist the processes

6. Strikers against impact

Impact Modifier