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Change of Name After DBS Check

Thousands of us change our names every year. Most often the change is because of a change in marital status, either a marriage or divorce. Other people change their name using a legal device called Deed Poll, or just start using a new name without changing it officially. If you have a DBS certificate, what happens if you change your name between the certificate being issued, and starting your new job?
If You Already Have A Certificate
If you are already working as a teacher, home carer, physiotherapist or any of the dozens of other occupations which requires a DBS check, what happens if you change your name? Although you should let your employer know if you’re changing your name, there is no need to apply for a new DBS certificate in your new name. When the time rolls around again for a renewal, you will then apply for your next DBS check in your new name. Just remember to give your old name in the space on the form for names you have used previously.
Proof in Different Names
The most difficult situation is landing a new job shortly after you change a name. It takes a while for all of your documents to be changed from your old name to your new name. This doesn’t happen automatically, and the process of sending off copies of your deed pool or marriage certificate to support the change of name takes time. It’s easy to imagine a situation where your passport is in one name, your electricity bill in another and you don’t even have your driving licence as it’s been sent off to the DVLA to get the name changed. This shouldn’t cause too many problems, as long as you have the documents to support your previous and past names, and to show that, for example, Alice Jones and Alice Spencer are the same person. If you’re not sure about what to do about identity documents bearing different names, speak to the DBS helpline for advice.
Multiple Names
More people than you would imagine have multiple names, and it’s not always for sinister reasons. It’s common practice, for example, to keep one surname for professional use, and use another in your private life. When applying for a DBS check, you should give your official name at the top of the form and then list the alternative names lower down. Similarly, if you use your middle name or are known as Barry although your full name is Barrington, you should give both variations.
Misspellings on the Form
It’s unusual, but as with anything involving people there is the potential for human error when preparing DBS checks. If you receive your DBS certificate and find that your name has been spelled wrongly, or first name and surname transposed, then call straight away to have the certificate reissued. An obvious error won’t invalidate the information on the certificate itself, and your employer should be able to allow you to start work while you wait for a correction.