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Switching Between Jobs? Here is How to Handle the Pressure

Many of us have been in a situation when we get an offer, shift to a different city and start the pretentious process of re-settling everything. When you are a bachelor, all you have to worry about is yourself and can actually handle the pressure for a few days when things are not going as planned. But when it comes to moving with your family, you stress more because things seem a lot more complicated, but is it?

1. Planning:

The most important factor when you are switching jobs is planning. This should be both financial and logistical. The best way to work this out is to create a mock scenario of you quitting your job, or the worse–being asked to leave. God forbid, something like that should not happen to anyone, but if it does, then one should have a contingency plan prepared for it.

Monetary Planning:

Financially, one should have at least 4 to 6 months equal to one’s salary as a backup. This will help you to iron out the mandatory bills that need to be paid off. The major stress that people struggle with is related to handling financial commitments. If you are taking up a new job, be clear with the HR about all the relocation benefits, stay in company guest houses, and even ask for joining bonuses, and plan ahead, how do you get them aligned. This is very important as it helps you to financially foresee your expenses.

Logistical planning:

As mentioned earlier, moving-in alone is a tad easier than moving with your family. When you have your family moving-in, you have to plan the house properly. You make sure that your wife and kids are safe when you are in office. A neighborhood plays a very important part while planning your logistics. Professional movers do an A to B transfer, and that’s it. It is your prerogative to make sure that the Location B is accessible, safe, and has the necessary amenities on call. If your partner is working, make sure that you plan a house close to either one’s office location, so that either of you can be home early to spend time with the kids.

2. Emotional Strength:

Quitting a job and relocating does bring in a tremendous amount of mental pressure due to the new place, a new job, and new people. You are still getting acquainted with the daily commute in a new city. In your old office setting, things were quite routine and since you got comfortable to it, a simple thing like a new commuting route to your office can add to your stress levels. It is best to keep oneself calm and slowly get the hang of it. Start implementing relaxing techniques such as Yoga and meditation to calm yourself. You need to control your stress before it results in a mental breakdown hence you can also take the aid of flavored Vape juice from Vape shop to calm your nerves and relieve some of the stress.

3. Constructive Conversations:

Talk to your new colleagues, and share your challenges, and you would be amazed to see how people actually help one another. You might get suggested an alternative route or a different mode of transport. You have to interact with more people around you in your new locality. This will give you insights that you might have otherwise overlooked.


The most important thing is that your key people around you, who influence you in your decisions, which can be your boss, or your partner, or your parents, should support you both sympathetically and empathetically about all the changes that are resulting from this new job. Remember, it is just not your world changing; it is equally changing for theirs too. They have bought into your decision to move on, and hence, keep your faith high from their support in your new venture.