7 Pros and Cons of Buying a Platform Bed Frame with Storage

7 Pros and Cons of Buying a Platform Bed Frame with Storage


Are you looking forward to purchasing a platform bed? Maybe before you make your choice to buy or purchase one or not, you may want to go through the different advantages and disadvantages of buying one. To make your thoughts easier, today we are going to list out a series of pros and cons of purchasing platform beds with storage. Along with these, today we are also going to point out the different set of advantages and disadvantages of box spring beds so that, you can decide for yourself, which type of bed you are looking forward to.


1.    The absence of the presence of box spring reduces and cuts off a high margin of money, thus making them more affordable and cheaper when considered to traditional box spring beds.
2. Allow the use of basically any kind of mattresses you want. Right starting from the range of classic coil mattress to modern foam mattress, you can use literally any mattress you want. Thus it serves as a more efficient bed when compared to normal box spring beds and also acts as a way of reducing or cutting down the cost, which has to be bearded by the customers.
3.    The flat surface, which is solid provided in a typical platform bed, promotes the use of memory foam mattresses, thus playing an excellent advantageous role and outstanding the box spring beds in this field.
4.    Comes across the presence of a variety of designs, from traditional design to Asian design and modern design.
5.    Sleeping on are known to be the most comfortable sleep possible due to the presence of the firm flattish bottom provided.
6.    Some platform bed frames have storage facilities, which are raised a bit higher than the platform beds which do not come with storage facility. Thus, this acts as a great advantage if you are looking forward to a bed which will provide you the best comfort at night along with accommodating some of your extra goods inside the bed. Click here to see more.
7.    Any platform bed with storage is having slats are placed at a distance of about 6 inches apart. These spaces between the slats allow free air circulation. In return, this free air flow helps to keep the mattress the cool than ever before. This is one more major reason which adds up to the experience of the best comfortable sleep available at night when it comes to platform beds.
Disadvantages of Platform Bed Frame with storage

1.    They are powered by low height. It may make an ease to climb the bed or may throw you down on the bed after a long rough day, but in the morning, it does make a bit of a difficulty to get up due to the low height of the platform beds.
2.    If you are looking forward to designing attractively, often you have to spend loads of amount of cash or money to buy or purchase mattress of high quality for your platform beds to give it an appealing and stylish look.
3.    If by any chance you are shifting or moving from one place to another, you may find yourself in a fix in transporting these platform beds. These beds are known to be the most difficult beds to be transported from one place to another due to the fixed and firm platform which is fixed and hard to be moved around.
If you want to know more about disadvantages, click here.
Advantages of box spring beds

1.    Much easier to get out of bed in the morning due to the height.
2.    Extends the durability of the mattresses by soaking in the body weight.
3.    Helps in preventing sagging of mattress due to the presence of box spring
4.    The design is more appreciated by traditional décor lovers.

Disadvantages of box spring beds

1.    The support of the box spring is lost easily.
2.    Typically has no room for storing your goods under the bed.
3.    Comes the presence of much additional cost like frames.
Now, it is your choice on which bed you want to opt for. Both have its significance, and it depends on you what you want to cater your needs.

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