Outlook sign up, How to create a new Outlook account?

Outlook accounts are similar to Gmail accounts. If you want to use Gmail, you have to sign up for Gmail and Outlook is not an exception, creating a Outlook account allows you to send and receive emails from your coworkers and friends.

There are just some simple register steps to create a Hotmail account. Currently, the Microsoft Corporation still provide users with two free email services, which are and We continue to introduce you on how to create a hotmail account.

Video tutorial: Outlook sign up


Follow below instruction to sign up Outlook (images):

1. Open Firefox or Google Chrome, Safari, Opera browsers,... then Click here to go to Hotmail sign up form.

2. Fill the information into boxes below:

hotmail-sign-up-formAfter filling out the information in the Name text box, click on "Or get a new email address" then enter further information about User Name.


Country / region: Country in which you live and work. You just have to fill in all the information above.

3. Enter correctly words which are displayed on the screen, if you couldn't see it clearly, click New to get a new code or click Audio to listen to that code.

4. After fill in all necessary information, click Create account to create an account. Then you have just successfully created a new account, and you can use it right now.

After you've successfully created, Microsoft will lead you to a welcome page, do not care about that.

The first time you login Outlook , it will display two options:

1. Create an Alias: Create a nickname for this email account. If you choose this option, you will be redirected to confirm the account. You should choose the option Text or Email:

- If you choose SMS: Enter the last 4 numbers of your phone number in the text box and press Send code button. Microsoft will send one SMS to your mobile phone, open to take the confirmation code, fill it in the website which is being opened and click Submit.

- If you choose Email: enter the email into text box, then click Submit. After that, you open this email, click on the link in the email to confirm.

2. Skip for now: You should choose this option if you do not want to create a nickname.

How to Login to Hotmail?

Interface and Key Features of Outlook

The interface of Outlook was changed and made simpler for the users. You will notice that the look of the interface was made tablet and mobile-friendly knowing the fact that there are already lots of people who are using these devices in accessing their accounts because they are handy. The interface loads faster and you will not experience troubles when checking your inbox.

There are also lots of features that Hotmail offers to their users. You can view, edit, and share files by having an access to Microsoft Office web apps for free. You can do this anywhere to different devices.

Hotmail also allows you to filter your messages and contacts so that with would be easier for you to delete files. There is also a search auto-complete feature that can help you search mails effectively with less effort. This will save you time from locating the message that you wanted to view.

You can even view the conversation that you have had with your friends if ever that you wanted to go back to an important message. If you are worried about unnecessary messages that you receive every day, all you have to do is to use the “Sweep” button that will prevent you from seeing messages, like for example newsletter of a particular company, in your inbox. There are still more features that you will surely enjoy when using Hotmail that can provide you convenience when connecting with people.