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Annotating All Knowledge

Screenshot from’ intro video featuring Vannevar Bush’s Memex, or memory index.

The Alliance for Networking Visual Culture is proud to announce our latest venture with Last fall we integrated the plugin as a fully supported annotation sidebar within the Scalar reader interface. This sidebar acts as a review layer atop each page in a Scalar book, allowing authors, readers and editors to comment on and participate in threaded conversations regarding granular textual elements on those pages (see here). In July of this year we were awarded funding from the NEH to develop copyediting and peer-review functionality within Scalar, by in part, leveraging these very features of the plugin (see here).

Today announced a coalition of over 40 scholarly publishers, platforms, and technology partners that share the goal of building an open conversation layer over all knowledge. The Alliance, and with it Scalar, will be an integral part of that coalition.

The members of this coalition represent some of the world’s largest and most important scholarly publishers and knowledge platforms — essential services such as JSTOR, PLOS, HathiTrust, arXiv, HighWire Press and Wiley. Together we realize that a robust and interoperable conversation layer can transform scholarship, enabling personal note taking, peer review, copy editing, post publication discussion, journal clubs, classroom uses, automated classification, deep linking, and much more. We understand that this layer must evolve as an open, interoperable, and shared capability aligned with the motivations and interests of scholars and researchers.

We’re excited to be a part of this effort! For more details on the coalition and a full list of its members, see here.

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The Alliance for Networking Visual Culture

The Alliance for Networking Visual Culture was created with the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.