Reading Project

By Jessica Pressman, Mark C Marino and Jeremy Douglass

Reading Project

Workbench -- Clone a Book

Clone a Book

One of Workbench's primary features is to allow you to copy any book, any collection of assets, for your own uses.

While working on Reading Project, we realized that the study of digital objects suffers from a lack of shared materials.  One reader might perform a masterful reading using visuals, code, and text objects, but unless other scholars have access to those materials, they must take the claims at face value and cannot fully enter into discussion.

To help to foster dialogue on digital objects, we have designed ACLS Workbench with the ability to clone books. Just go to the front page of Workbench and choose to "Clone" a book.  You will be making a full copy, a fork, if you will, of the complete contents of that book for your use to remix, add to, and rework in your own reading.

It is our hope that this ability will not create an army of scholarly clones but just the opposite: a set of contrasting and complimentary readings in dialogue with one another.

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