Reading Project

By Jessica Pressman, Mark C Marino and Jeremy Douglass

Reading Project


Welcome to the web site for our collaborative book, Reading Project: A Collaborative Analysis of William Poundstone‚Äôs Project for Tachistoscope {Bottomless Pit}.  More than just the book's online presence, this is a demonstration of our new collaborative platform ACLS Workbench.

On this workbench, you will find a record of our collaborative reading and a toolkit, presenting a collection of interpretive materials. You can peruse our readings and assets, or you can clone this book and create a reading of your own. Or start a new book focused on some other digital object and let others join you.

This workbench chronicles our process experimenting in how to produce a collaborative scholarly analysis of a single work of digital literature, William Poundstone's Project for Tachistoscope: {Bottomless Pit} (2005), using digital tools and methods both for critical analysis and for communication. However, this workbench is not merely an archive or supplemental website to accompany the book. It contains its own purpose, argument, and procedural logic.
is a showcase of media content and a place for experimenting with it. The web-platform contains much of the media content that generated our analysis in Reading Project, but this content is reconfigured here or presented for the first time-- since, due to codexical medial constraints, much of it simply could not be included in the book. This content is here made to stand alone as distinct objects of study and also as interconnected elements in an emergent argument.

Our goal in structuring this space and populating it with content is to facilitate engagement with the media objects and to produce a network of content that both displays our process and also supports the working paths of other scholars and scholarly teams. This is a sandbox, a workbench of artifacts we collected, and we invite you to explore, play, and build.

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