Reading Project

By Jessica Pressman, Mark C Marino and Jeremy Douglass

Reading Project

Four Stories

From Reading Project:

In this book we have tried to retain the sense of wonder and discovery that was part of our interpretative process. Rather than moving from point to point, from thesis to support, this book moves by calling forth questions and braiding responses into the fold. For us, weaving together hybrid reading practices means proposing an idea, investigating it, and then, with our collaborative partners, repositioning that idea and building upon it. Our interpretations evolved through an ongoing process of proposition, investigation, and revision; the structure of the book performs that process.

     Each chapter opens with a vignette that evokes the chapter’s motivation. Individual sections then develop out of the arguments and interpretations presented in previous sections before building toward conclusions and new questions.

Three of these vignettes illustrate one of many virtuous circles of our mutual influences: a visualization by Jeremy inspires Jessica, media archaeology by Jessica inspires Mark, and critical code studies by Mark inspires Jeremy. A fourth vignette describes we three authors all together-- in one of many moments of our communal reading and writing.

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