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Installing Scalar on your own domain just got easier.

Ever wanted to install Scalar on your own domain but didn’t think you could navigate GitHub much less properly configure .htaccess?

Reclaim Hosting just made it easier by adding Scalar to their roster of one-click installs for domains hosted with their service. As a user of Reclaim Hosting you can register a domain (e.g. while purchasing a hosting package for as little as $25 a year, and now, once inside the dashboard of your brand new website, click “Scalar” under Featured Applications. Voilà…your own Scalar publishing platform on your own domain.

Reclaim Hosting’s mission is to provide educators and institutions with easy access to domains and web hosting, so that they can, in turn, offer their students an affordable way to “take control of [their] digital identity.” Alongside Scalar, Reclaim offers automated installs for Omeka, Moodle, MediaWiki, and others.

Scalar Webinars: Announcing Our Spring Schedule

The Alliance for Networking Visual Culture will be offering a series of free online webinars this spring.

Our “Introduction to Scalar” webinars will cover basic features of the platform: a review of existing Scalar books and a hands-on introduction to paths, tags, annotations and importing media. Our “Intermediate Scalar” webinars will delve into more advanced topics including the effective use of visualizations, annotating with media and a primer on customizing appearances in Scalar.

Our spring schedule will include six dates:

Introduction to Scalar: January 29, 10am-12pm (PST)
Intermediate Scalar: February 12, 10am-12pm (PST)
Introduction to Scalar: March 5, 4pm-6pm (PST)
Intermediate Scalar: March 26, 4pm-6pm (PST)
Introduction to Scalar: April 9, 10am-12pm (PST)
Intermediate Scalar: April 30, 10am-12pm (PST)

Hurry, spaces are limited!

Register here.

Scalar Feature Update: Annotation Sidebar

We’re pleased to announce that the powerful annotation plugin developed by the folks at is now a fully supported feature in Scalar books. Good for reader responses, collaborative authoring and even copyediting, allows users to highlight, comment on and form discuss threads around selections of text in a Scalar book.

The annotation feature set is accessed within Scalar books via the sidebar (shown below). To enable the sidebar in your Scalar book head over to the “Sharing” tab in your Scalar Dashboard and select “Yes” under “Reviewability.” Then click “Save.” The sidebar will now appear on each page of your Scalar book.

Once the sidebar is launched, users are free to comment on selections of text and to set those comments to either public or private. In the public mode, all future visitors can view those comments in the sidebar and reply to them if desired.
While users must have a account in order to make or reply to comments (to sign up for a account, simply launch the sidebar and click Sign In > Create an Account) public comments are viewable to all visitors. thus allows per-paragraph, per-sentence and even per-word commenting for readers. It also allows groups of authors on a project to comment on and generate discussion threads around textual elements in a Scalar book.

More information on the project can be found at their website, here. To learn more about using the plugin itself, cick here.

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